At our Webb City facility, we saw tubing and solid bar to the necessary size. When the saw shop receives an order, they pull the appropriate material and saw to the exact specifications listed.


At our Joplin location, we use cut rings and pieces from our saw shop, solid bar, and forgings ranging from 1/8 inch in diameter to 20 inches in diameter to create the parts our customers order. We utilize a variety of machines including bar feeders, single-spindle machines, dual-spindle machines, and robotic machine loaders.

Milling & Broaching

We have milling and broaching options available for specific types of pieces. If your product needs either of these services, please reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to work out a solution!

Heat Treatment

If your product needs to be heat treated, we turn to our trusted partner Aalberts, formerly Applied Process. For over eight years, we have relied on Aalberts to provide our customers with expert heat treatment services.